Brexit: The Day After

As we suspected following the dramatic plunge in markets over the previous two sessions a bounce was likely. On Tuesday, stocks showed a bounce back to the upside, but nowhere reaching sufficient gains to even measure as an offset to the huge losses. This kind of bounce is often referred to as a “dead cat

Stocks in Corrective as Fed Ponders Hike

The Fed’s new hawkish bias and non-stop chatter has traders guessing if they are really serious given their long history of manipulation by Fed-speak. Currently, traders only give about a 30% chance of a Fed hike in June given the Fed’s very low credibility rating, with the market having a difficult time believing the Fed

Too Much Good News

The stock market took a sharp turn for the worse on economic data that raised the issue the Fed may yet raise interest rates at their next FOMC meeting in June as no less than three Fed President’s look for a rate hike coming up. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for April produced a headline

Phony Retail Sales Report

Before the start of trading, the Commerce Department released a report showing much stronger than expected retail sales growth in the month of April. The Commerce Department said retail sales surged up by 1.3 percent in April after slipping by 0.3 percent in March. Economists had expected sales to climb by 0.9 percent. Look, we

Does Anyone Care About Jobs?

On Thursday, data showed the number of Americans who applied for unemployment benefits at the end of April rose to a five-week high, which missed economists’ expectations. The jobless-claims data came one day after a weaker-than-expected report on private-sector payrolls and a decline in worker productivity, which pushed stocks to finish lower on Wednesday. Together

One of the Most Important Steps in Selecting a Stock

The story is told that in ancient Rome, when a conqueror was paraded in front of the masses, one of his slaves would whisper softly in his ear, “All fame is fleeting.” At the height of his popularity and fame, the conqueror would be reminded that fame is quickly forgotten. I would suggest that in

The Saudis, 9/11, and Crude Oil

Stocks rallied today because the banking cartel, i.e., the Federal Reserve’s dealer banks, came to the defense of the market. This weekend’s biggest and most shocking story was the report of a proposed Congressional Bill that would allow a probe into the Saudi role behind the Sept 11 terrorist attack and allow 9-11 victims’ families

Think Different

Warren Buffett described Steve Jobs, co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple, Inc., as “one of the most remarkable business managers and innovators in American business history.” Resigning in 1985 from the company he had started in his parents’ garage with Stephen Wozniak, Jobs returned to Apple in late 1996 as an adviser and, in 1997,

Make Consistent Returns? Fugetaboutit!

One of the main pitfalls of investing is searching for the approach that gets it right all the time. If investors think they can consistently rack up profits month after month, they are not living in the real world. As an intelligent investor, I’m sure you’re not searching for such an approach, because it’s not out there

The Crude Oil “Freeze”

The government/Fed/big banks have achieved quite an accomplishment in getting the stock market at the highest level it can right before April 15th and earnings season which began today with Alcoa’s less than stellar performance. Today’s rabbit out of a hat were reports that both Saudi Arabia and Russia agreed to an oil production freeze,

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